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Concrete Retaining Wall Benefits

Should Your Landscape Have a Concrete Retaining Wall?


Some homeowners deal with unnatural or steep slopes in their landscaped backyards. This often means that soil gets everywhere, often becoming an eyesore or, worse, cause injuries. To contain such nuisance, you can have a retaining wall built. And if you’re wondering what material to use for such a landscape feature, you’d be wise to go with concrete. Indeed, investing in a concrete retaining wall makes a lot of sense under such circumstances.


What does this particular type of retaining wall have to offer?


Stops floods

This kind of retaining wall is effective in preventing flood water from getting into your home. That’s because it redirects water (and debris) pouring down the slopes on your property elsewhere and keeps such away from your place. With this retaining wall, you need not put sandbags to prevent floods.


Protects from erosion

A concrete retaining wall prevents soil from collapsing and eroding into your residence. It even protects your property by preventing sinkholes and slope movement, both of which can damage your yard badly. Of course, it can also keep large piles of soil from your lawn, which can be eyesores on your beautiful landscape.


Improves the yard’s appeal

As a hardscaping feature, this specific retaining wall does more than protect and support your landscape. More importantly, it adds charm and characteristic to your landscape design. The fact is that concrete retaining walls come in a variety of styles and you can have them blend into your overall exterior theme. If designed properly, they can even become a focal point in your landscape.


Not all residential landscapes are the same. Some have unique circumstances surrounding them and if your property stands in an area with steep slopes where soil erosion is a common occurrence, you definitely need retaining walls made of concrete.


If you’re not sure who to approach for a concrete retaining wall in Orem, UT, you’re in luck! Simply call our team here at Chuys Concrete LLC and we’ll integrate this helpful hardscaping feature into your lovely landscape. For questions and estimates, call us at (801) 926-9912 at your own convenience.

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