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Need Your Driveway Concreted?

Tips on How to Hire the Best Concrete Service

While you are considering repaving your home’s driveway, even though this is not the most exciting investment, it will be necessary from time to time. So when the time comes to do this, choosing a quality concrete service is important. As below par work will result in pooling around the foundations of your home or garage, which in turn will lead to more serious damage. So putting in some time and effort in this decision is important. The good news is, we at Chuys Concrete LLC have a few tips which will help you make this important decision.


Do Some Forward Planning and Homework

It is vital that you do some research before looking for such a service. Find a company that has a good reputation locally, and ask for advice from both family members and friends. And, make sure that the contractor you are considering has all the correct licenses, bonding, and insurance. And always contact a minimum of 3 companies to ask about their prices too.


Steer Clear of “Secret” Methods

It is important homeowners stay clear of any contractor who says they are going to use cutting edge or “secret” methods. With most cases, a contractor will present a homeowner with a “new” way of doing blacktop. The sad fact is, this is a process that has not changed much in the past 30 years. So when a contractor is claiming to use a new method, walk away quickly. As chances are they are cutting corners, which will leave you with a huge mess further down the road.


Get to Know the Standards

A contractor can either remove a pre-existing driveway or completely redo one, or they can install a new layer on top of the pre-existing one. When doing the latter, there must be at least 2 inches of asphalt added. And, you need to ask the contractor to use commercial grade asphalt, as it will last longer than the residential grade asphalt.


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