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Not Sure What Type of Retaining Wall to Put Up?

What Are the Different Kinds of Concrete Retaining Wall?

A concrete retaining wall(s) can be used in numerous locations to prevent soil and other materials from moving. However, not many of our Chuys Concrete LLC clients know this, but there are in fact several different kinds of retaining walls available, all designed for different applications. A gravity retaining wall will be thicker on the bottom and narrower at the top, and a counterfort one will be situated both above and below the ground level. Cantilever walls will be the same thickness from top to bottom, plus, have a wide support footing. Buttressed walls are very similar to the counterfort one, however, face in the opposite direction, and anchored walls will be supported by tethers.


Gravity concrete retaining walls are the most common ones. And are usually precast. This kind of wall is no more than 4 feet high and can be seen along roadways. Gravity retaining walls come with a thick base which angles upward to a narrow top. The angled side will face outward to stop the structure from toppling over under a heavy load.


A counterfort retaining wall is a more economical option, which is usually cast while on site. This wall is triangular in shape and uses an additional subterranean footing for support. They are suitable for heights over 25 feet. Their design is very similar to that of the cantilever wall, however, are cheaper to construct. Their subterranean footing offers better resistance against bending.


Cantilevered retaining walls will have the identical thickness right through. This variant uses a wide footing which extends toward the soil that is being retained. The footing uses the weight of the soil for stability and strength. And generally, require less concrete than some of their counterparts, this too can be precast on site.


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